CocoKnits Maker's Board Kit BDG_Grey
CocoKnits Maker's Board Kit BDG_Grey

CocoKnits Maker's Board Kit BDG_Grey
CocoKnits Maker's Board Kit BDK_Kraft

Maker's Board Kit


Ordre nr. 022050045-grey
Levering ca. 6 uger
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  • Komposition: Craft Paper
  • Vaske anvisninger: Washing softens the material creating a worn look similar to leather. To wash, simply remove the elastic, machine wash on gentle in cool water. Squeeze and crumple while damp to encourage wrinkles and texture. Re-shape and allow to air dry.
A new addition to our washable paper fabric collection is a folding stand for following patterns or instructions of any kind. The Marker's Board Kit provides a convenient way to follow charts, patterns, recipes, and more. One side of the folder props up for display, held standing with magnets, so the angle is completely adjustable. The strong small magnets also hold papers and small tools against the internal metal sheets, and keep project instructions at hand while working. Inner pockets store all of your papers in one place.
The kit contains 4 round magnets covered in fermented plant fibers (PLA), 2 small, round, uncovered magnets to hold tools (i.e. row counter, snip..), 3 strong, uncovered rectangle magnets for propping board and holding other tools. The kit comes in a linen drawstring bag with instructions on the hanging tag.
Outer size: 11 in x 9 in (when folded)

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CocoKnits Maker's Board Kit

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